Business and Commercial Photographer Boyd Gilmour

Boyd Gilmour Photography specializes in helping businesses project the right image to their clients.

It has never been more important for your business to deliver the right impression to your clients whether it is the images on your website or your PR literature. First impressions do count and you must show that you stand out from your competitors.

Your images will say so much about you and if the viewer finds them compelling they will read on to find out more about the service or product that you supply.

It is imperative that your customers are confident that you will deliver in every aspect of your business and your image or images are the starting point you must get it right it is not sufficient to intrust this vital role to the office junior who “has a good camera”

I can help you deliver this message. Should you need lifestyle shots or portraits of the of the people who are the back bone of your business or you need to have great images of the events that you stage. I can make you and your business stand out and be noticed. I have the professional equipment and the expertise.

I travel extensively from my base in Northamptonshire to my business clients who are throughout the UK.

Call me on 01604 881935 or 07973 129496 to discuss your project or drop me a line at