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Joanne and Bob, her special Connemara

Joanne and Bob, her special Connemara

Joanne and Bob her special Connemera

Joanne and Bob

I had the great pleasure of photographing Joanne and her Connemara called Bob

Joanne and Bob her special Connemara

Joanne and Bob

Bob could be a bit of a handful (although he looks positively angelic here) like most men he was really only interested in food until the camera started to roll and then he decided he was the star of the show.

Joanne and Bob, her special Connemara

Joanne and Bob

Never work with animals or children and if you do be well prepared and expect the unexpected.

On this occasion I had done my homework and sorted out the shoot location, with a double check of the weather we were good to go and I met Joanne and her partner Steve at their yard.

Bob loaded with a bit of encouragement from a carrot and we set off.

I wanted to use flash so as I could control the ambient light and make the autumn colours richer and my experience with horses taught me that they are not really bothered by the flash but they are very bothered by you setting up flash units on stands as they see the stand a large stick and they are not having any of that.

So while Steve let Bob eat some grass and Joanne added the final touches to her make up I set up my flashes and sorted out my exposures.

Cue Bob who was only interested in eating the grass and had to be encouraged to stand for the camera but as you can see he got the idea and was an angel and not the thug he can be. We have a Conameara just like Bob and he can be a real thug when he puts his mind to it.

Joanne 012.CR2.p

Time for a profile shot and Bob had to be encouraged yet again (pushed round) to get into position

Joanne 017.CR2.p

This was all going very well and the flash made Bob’s coat look really shiny.

Now for some action shots.

Joanne 025.CR2.p

The relationship between horse and rider is very different to that of a dog and his master. Horses learn to trust through repetition and kindness and Bob gets lots of the latter.

Joanne 030.CR2.p


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  1. Joanne Tan December 11, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Boyd for capturing wonderful pictures of Bob and myself. Steve and I (and Bob) are very pleased! I wanted to call out that your experience handling horses was helpful. You could anticipate what Bob was ‘thinking’ and made him feel at ease, which in turn makes me feel at ease, making the whole process much more enjoyable! Thank you again for making it a wonderful and memorable experience.

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