Lifestyle Photographer Boyd Gilmour

What is a “lifestyle” shoot?

The object of a lifestyle shoot is for the viewer to identify with the subject. It can be aspirational, the viewer sees themselves in the role portrayed or it can also be that the viewer identifies themselves with the subject through a sense of familiarity and belonging.

Lifestyle photography has very strong emotional bonds and is used extensively in advertising where the product being offered is to a very specific group of people.

I can be asked to photograph people at work, rest or play but I am always required to gain an insight into the subject so as others can identify with them.

For me, this is all about knowing the right position to observe people and having an eye for detail and bring out the special quality of the subject. I have a portable studio equipped with studio lights and accessories which is invaluable for this type of project.

As a photographer based in Northamptonshire I am commissioned to shoot people in lifestyle situations for advertising, editorial and PR usage throughout the UK.

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