Pytchley Hunt at Brixworth 2013

Pytchley Hunt Huntsman

The Pytchley Hunt at Brixworth on Monday 4th Nov. PHOM2013 0048.CR2.p It was not long before they were up and running with lots to jump. PHOM2013 0015.CR2.p James the whip skipped over this set of rails which looked considerably more intimidating from the take off side. PHOM2013 0036.CR2.p The field followed undeterred and all scampered over the fence. PHOM2013 0046.CR2.p The hounds are looking for the laid trail and it was not long before we were off again. PHOM2013 0053.CR2.p Karen Atherton jumped this set of rails of a road and managed not to be knocked of her horse by the over hanging branched of the tree. Well done. PHOM2013 0060.CR2.p   I caught up with the hounds at Isham Farm and Joint Master Stuart Morris made little of this scrappy fence and was followed by the field. PHOM2013 0061.CR2.p Any thing you can do I can do better – this is Stuarts wife. PHOM2013 0057.CR2.p and of course the hounds skipped over it too. PHOM2013 0059.CR2.p   Johnny Knowles the amateur whip makes little of the fence   PHOM2013 0074.CR2.p Karen Atherton again on her horse “Skipper” aptly named don’t you think? PHOM2013 0064.CR2.p Paul Moxon on his horse Max who is a shire cross thoroughbred. PHOM2013 0092.CR2.p Then they turned round and jumped it the other way – out hunting you never know what is going to happen!! PHOM2013 0127.CR2.p   If you would like to see all of the photographs from the day go to my Facebook Page. Where you will find a link to the images. Please like my page if you would like to be kept up to date with my photographs of the Pytchley Hunt. Thanks for reading my blog. Boyd


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